Custom Platforms for Custom Solutions.

Custom Built Software

ASG utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of efficiency, integrity, and security for data protection and management. Some of the technological benefits ASG offers are:

LifeCheck™ Portfolio Management System

ASGs proprietary system has been perfected through years of diligent development and input from our policy specialists. It was designed to enhance the management of portfolios for both our team and yours.

LifeCheck is not just a database, it is a fully functional management tool with automated workflows and in-depth reporting functionality. LifeCheck’s reporting system allows for your ASG portfolio manager to prepare routine or specialized reports within minutes. Having easy access to all policy data will enhance your decision making ability and therefore the value of your portfolio.

  • Nearly 1000 individual data points
  • High-level policy management modules
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Precise Premium Optimization functionality
  • Automated workflows
  • Seamless and efficient mail processing


OpenLife™ is the secure web-based client portal to ASG’s LifeCheck™ database. It allows you to access data, documents, and reports for each of the policies and insureds at any time (an important feature if you're in a different time zone).

OpenLife™ Limited

OpenLife™ Ltd. is ASG′s “restricted” version of OpenLife™. This version contains all relevant policy data but limits insured data to non-identifying data only. OpenLife™ Ltd. is great for third party auditors or potential purchasers that need access to data but choose to restrict access to insureds personal identifying information and confidential heath information. For example, LEs and ages are visible, but not medical records, SSNs or DOBs.

Custom Reporting & Analysis

ASG partners with each client to determine their reporting needs, then works to meet those requirements through ASG standard reports, custom designed report templates and/or use of the Report Builder module which allows for rapid production of ad-hoc reports.

ASG’s reporting capabilities include not only basic reports, charts and graphs, but also the ability to export into Excel. This exportation of data allows for easy manipulation and analysis of the relevant data.

Securely Managed Data & Documents

ASG is committed to ensuring that systems, services, and client data are always secure and readily available. The local datacenter facility is protected by professionally monitored security systems which strictly control physical access. This climate controlled facility is protected from service disruption by a continuous supply natural gas generator providing smooth redundant power as needed.

A significant investment in network security devices ensures constant protection and monitoring of the network inside and out to maximize availability and security. All systems are deployed behind a hardened firewall exceeding industry standards and restricting all unnecessary traffic. Remote access to data is secured by advanced encryption strategies and methodologies allowing data to remain accessible and productive to its intended users.