Comprehensive Life Settlement Services you can Trust.

General Policy Administration

ASG’s policy administration is well balanced and has an innovative approach enhanced by our experienced policy servicing team. Our team, complemented by top-notch and continually upgraded systems, brings a world of experience in managing all types of life insurance policies. General administration includes:

  • Effective carrier communications and problem solving
  • Complete policy refresh for illustrations, annual statements and verification of coverages
  • Superior data and document management through ASG’s proprietary policy management system, LifeCheck™
  • Sophisticated reporting capabilities
  • Multi-channel client communication

Premium Payment Administration

Premium payments, whether made directly by ASG or coordinated through collateral agents i.e securities intermediaries or trustees, are validated with the insurance carrier to ensure receipt and accurate application of funds. Payment confirmation reports assist the client in the management and reporting of its life insurance policies.

Insured and Death Claims Management

ASG has established a highly effective structure for learning of mortalities, often within days. This combined with the experience gained of processing over 1000 death claims means funds are in our client’s account as soon as possible. Insured and death claims management provides the following services:

  • Mortality searches through multiple third party systems weekly and monthly
  • Insured and/or third party contact semi-annually
  • HIPAA medical releases requested for each insured
  • Escalated tracking services and investigative services when applicable
  • Death certificate retrieval and death claim processing

Comprehensive Asset Management Services you can Trust.

Due Diligence and Forensic Auditing Services

Our detailed policy and portfolio review and analysis include asset management services to a variety of clients including banks, open and closed end funds, court appointed receivers and trustees. ASG has the industry expertise necessary to evaluate, manage, and where needed, stabilize and re-structure their life settlement portfolios including holistic legal analysis, auditing with respect to fraud, title, insurable interest and other red flags that may affect value. Litigation risk analysis reports with recommendations can also be provided.

Premium Optimization

Recognizing opportunities to minimize premium expenses while maintaining the integrity of the asset is key. At ASG, we fully support a dual approach to premium management utilizing both long-term and short term optimized premium schedules.

Policy and Portfolio Valuation Services

Understand the value of your asset and the risk associated with it. Portfolio valuations are derived from market standard software as well as proprietary valuation and stochastic analysis tools. Our valuation reports may be used for life settlement funds NAV calculations, collateral value assessments for banks and other refinancing providers, as well as serve as fairness options. In addition, ASG offers pricing reconciliation, true cost stream analysis, and value enhancing policy and portfolio recommendations.

Policy Purchase and Disposition Services

ASG offers detailed policy verification and transaction support services. On the portfolio acquisition side, these services include detailed policy reviews, policy verification of coverage calls with carriers, pricing and premium stream reconciliation, and the administration and processing of ownership and beneficiary change forms. Policy disposition services include policy file package creation, data room set-up, and policy data and price tape preparation. These services ensure a smooth and well-structured transition process for our clients. Through its trusted partner Anmani Assets, LLC. ASG also offers life settlement portfolio auctions and private placements to the global life settlement market.