ASG utilizes state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of efficiency, integrity, and security for data protection and management. Some of the technological benefits ASG offers are:


LifeCheck™ is ASG’s custom designed and developed enterprise-class policy management system that utilizes advanced open architecture allowing for seamless integration, interoperability and a full featured custom reporting and delivery system. This comprehensive functionality is designed to address all of your key mission-critical business needs.


OpenLife™ is the secure web-based version of ASG’s LifeCheck™ database. It is the client’s portal to LifeCheck™. Authorized parties are provided a login ID and after setting up a secure password, are allowed to log in and view data, reports and documents for each of the policies and insureds at any time (an important feature for our clients in different time zones).

OpenLife™ Limited

OpenLife™ Ltd. is ASG’s “restricted” version of OpenLife™. This version contains all relevant policy data but limits insured data to non-identifying data only. OpenLife™ Ltd. is great for clients who have third party auditors or potential purchasers that need access to data but choose to restrict access to insureds personal identifying and heath information. It is also used by many of our clients in Europe who need access to policy data but do NOT want access to personal identifying health information. For example, LE data is available but identifying information is redacted.


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