Insured Mortality Tracking and Death Claims Processing

Untimely demise discoveries can be costly; therefore, ASG has established a highly effective dual approach to insured tracking to ensure that each life is monitored efficiently. The most effective means for discovering demises is by utilizing data from multiple third-party sources. These sources, some of which are unique to ASG, are checked weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to determine the status of the insured which can result in as many as 40 individual checks per year for each insured.

ASG also makes periodic (quarterly, semi-annual, annual, and in some cases monthly) contact with each insured to ensure that the most current and accurate information regarding their current physicians, contact information and medical information is on record. By using a combination of direct contact, up-to-date medical records, and reliable third party data systems, we can provide you with timely and accurate results.

ASG’s skilled personnel have processed nearly a thousand death claims. Upon a discovered demise, ASG will obtain a death certificate with respect to such insured. Additionally, ASG will obtain and complete all necessary death benefit claim forms to ensure that the proceeds are received in a timely manner. The efficiency and accuracy used in requesting death certificates and filing death claims is crucial to ensure that death benefits are received as soon as possible, which in turn, optimizes returns for you, the client.

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