A successful venture into the Life Settlement industry means partnering with an experienced company you can trust. When it comes to policy management, there isn’t a company that has more experience than Asset Servicing Group (ASG). Serving the Life Settlement industry since 2002, ASG has perfected its policy management services and problem-solving processes to ensure that each policy is secure and well maintained.
ASG is a privately held company which performs the administrative and oversight services integral to the skillful management of portfolios of life insurance policies. ASG has continued success in the management of life insurance policies and currently maintain over 6,000 life insurance policies.

ASG maintains a staff of experienced life insurance policy management specialists, each with several years experience in life insurance and/or the life and viatical settlement industry.

For years, ASG has provided superior policy management services with a commitment to setting ethical standards, raising personal integrity, and building trust among its clients.

Your involvement in the Life Settlement industry begins with ASG’s experience and ends with your own – a successful and rewarding experience. Trust in Asset Servicing Group to provide policy management you can depend on.

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