About ASG

In 2002, H. Thomas Moran and Sheri Townsend founded Asset Servicing Group, LLC (ASG). Initially, ASG began operations to assist in the servicing of distressed portfolios that were turned over to Mr. Moran through court ordered Receiverships and Conservatorships. With a limited staff, ASG soon expanded and currently retains a staff of more than 37 of the most experienced people in this industry. Additionally, ASG continues to be a pioneer in the Life Settlement industry with experience that is insurmountable and a reputation for maintaining its commitment to high ethical standards, professionalism and trust with its clients.  As the only independent-third party servicer in the Life Settlement industry, ASG is the proud member of LISA, ILMA, IAPP and BVZL.

ASG’s experienced team provides turn-key servicing from beginning to end including policy acquisition services, policy verification services and due diligence, premium administration, premium optimization, mortality tracking, death claims administration and custodial services. Each client is assigned an experienced, professional portfolio manager to ensure that their individual needs are continuously met. Hedge funds and investment banks are among the variety of clients that ASG provides servicing for.

Managing over 6,000 policies with a total face value of over $4 billion has made ASG the largest servicing firm in its class. ASG always insists on quality client services as if each client is its only client.

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